Mela Pavlou 45, 12131, Peristeri, Athens


Culture of Credibility and Trust

Our vision is to make our clients happy at the end of every freight we have been assigned to, as well as the great sense of accomplishment and confidence when it comes to this very transportation service.

An additional objective of our company is that the client’s engagement to the transportation project should be the minimum it can be. As soon as the client assigns to Elxis SA his transportation project, he will be sure that everything will run smoothly without bothering any more but only for receiving from us the confirmation that the job is completed.

We are very concerned with our people, our executives, our partners, our correspondents, and our truck drivers so that they are satisfied with the work, pleased with the working conditions and increasingly effective and creative!

Assistant of the Greek entrepreneurs’ efforts


Being aware of the fact that the transportation is the final image of the Greek importer or exporter, in his relationship with the supplier or the client abroad, we provide excellent service and contribute to the efforts of the Greek entrepreneurs which, despite the crisis in our country during the recent years and apart from the business profit,export tenaciously the Greek products worldwide with a view to re-establishing a climate of credibility and confidence between the country and the foreign clients-suppliers.