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Paris - Lyon - Athens

International Transportations to and from France

Elxis SA undertakes the goods transport to and from all the largest destinations of France in line with the principles of transparency, accountability, and efficiency. In detail we conduct transports to Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Reims, Havre, Saint-Etienne, Toulon andall the rest of the destinations in France. Longtime partnership with fixed partners ensuring high standards services for the transport to France.

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Daily departures from France to Greece and from Greece to France undertaking your goods transport from and to the whole country.
We have gained the total qualification in freights of high value and extremely high priority as to the delivery time such as the following: apparel, cosmetics, wine, industrial equipment.
We organize daily departures in cooperation with our exclusive partner trucks from any part of France to Greece and vice (full truck load, FTL)
Our strong point is the small shipments transport from France to Greece and vice versa, for example a small palette of 50Kg or a 25kg packet.
We provide transport services of consolidated split consignments (groupage) through the best of our partners in France. So, 52weeks a year, we depart from Paris and Lyon with destination Athens with only 2 days delivery time.
We organize respectively group consignments 52 weeks a year with concentration-departure point our warehouses in Aspropyrgos, Attica, and arrival at our central warehouses in France until every Tuesday.
With our exhibition services, we deliver/pickup to/from your stand, in the presence of a foreign language speaking executive of Elxis SA
Μεταφορές από προς Γαλλία

Multiple departure terminals

Full/Part load

Μεταφορές από προς Γαλλία - Σιδηροδρομικές μεταφορές

Foreign language speaking personnel which confirms and coordinates your delivery

Foreign language speaking personnel which confirms and coordinates your delivery from your supplier at the time and day you desire.
We offer you the fastest transit time with daily departures from across France.
With the exclusive partnership of last generation Greek trucks.
Continuous monitoring of the truck via GPS navigation system.
Possibility of obtaining the delivery from truck with hydraulic doors if direct delivery is not possible with the international transport truck.
With the most competitive market rates.
High-cube trucks for tall goods.

ElxisSAconducts, responsibly and professionally, goods transports with refrigerator trucksunder controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

So, either your shipment is Groupage and Partload or a full refrigerator truck with controlled temperature accessory, it will travel in perfect safety under the stricter quality specifications designated by our company; ensuring the loading at the desired temperature and, of course, the dispatching of the thermograph indication of temperatureof the transported freight right at the time of the delivery at your door.

Your advantages with Elxis SA

Third generation in the field of transportation
Personalized solutions in the field of goods handling in the site of the warehouse and during the delivery as well.
We undertake the customs clearance and formalities for each commodity with guarantees of the quality of our services due to the longtime experience of our exclusive customs brokerage partners.
Special services for exhibitors in all European countries.
We undertake the communication with the suppliers regardless of country and language of communication.
Precise transport monitoringby means of modern telematics systems.
Household removal

Our services for France

Door-to-door services, direct goods delivery to the place of your choice (shop, house, firm, warehouse)
Full , part andGroupage loads
Daily deliveries to all the European destinations.
Express deliveries